Meet Vanessa

Vanessa, otherwise known as Mommonality, is a GTA girl mom of two, aged 5 and 1 years old. She is the founder of The Mommonality MRKT, the first monthly Peel Region "Mom" based market and co-founder of The Virtual Marketplace.

Vanessa is also the MomsXX leader of MomsMississauga, powered by MomsToronto, a community of fun loving, life living millennial moms reinventing motherhood who's aim is to give moms a great day!


In addition to leading communities, Vanessa also hosts a weekly podcast called The Mommonality Podcast which you can listen to on Apple podcasts, Spotify and Google Play. She's also recently opened for commissions for her creative work winks + brushes

About The Virtual Marketplace


The Virtual Marketplace is a one-stop online marketplace dedicated to supporting small businesses that have amazing products to offer the world who do not have an online store.


We care about entrepreneurs who pour passion into their products/services and want to deliver the best possible quality and shopping experience to their customers. 

The Virtual Marketplace’s mission is to create a seamless and engaging shopping experience for consumers in partnership with small businesses.

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